Accept Subscription with Recurring payment using Gravity Forms with Stripe

Published March 23, 2023

Today, we will show you how you can accept subscription with recurring payment using Gravity forms with Stripe.

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2. Gravity forms Stripe Add on

Part 1: Integrating Gravity forms with Stripe

Setting Up Gravity Forms to Accept Stripe Payments

Create a form
Add 3 required fields to process payments to be passed on to Stripe.
1. Email
2. Product Field (Drop Down if you have multiple subscriptions)
3. Credit card Field
**Make fields required
Note: You can add as many fields as you like. Just make sure these three main required fields are in place.

Once Done, hit update go to settings, and then Stripe.
Add a stripe feed (You can add multiple stripe feed, just make sure you set the conditional Logic)

-Transaction type: Subscription
-Recurring Amount:Product name (Field) or the Total amount field (If set)
-Set up fee (Optional, but you have to set a static amount on a field)
-Set conditional logic if you have multiple subscription options.
Note: You can add as many feeds as you like, just make sure you set conditional logic correctly.

Test the form on Test environment. Once verified that everything is working. Switch stripe to Live mode.

David President,
Design Source Media

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