Episode 5

Jamie Michelson on the Digital Transformation of Advertising



We sit down with Jamie Michelson, CEO of SMZ Advertising, a third-generation family-owned agency, to discuss the seismic shifts happening in the world of advertising. With decades of experience and a finger on the pulse of emerging trends, Jamie offers invaluable insights and golden blocks of knowledge into how digital transformation is reshaping the landscape. #marketingmasters #daveleepodcast #agencyowners #smzadvertising

Key Takeaways:
  • Jamie Michelson discusses the digital shift in advertising.
  • Family-owned agencies have unique dynamics.
  • Generational influences are shaping advertising strategies.
  • The future of advertising is rapidly evolving.
  • Agency challenges are both internal and market-driven.
You’ll Learn:
  • How Jamie transitioned into the family-owned agency business.
  • The impact of digital platforms on modern advertising.
  • How different generations are influencing the advertising landscape.
  • What to expect in advertising over the next 5 years.
  • Tips for navigating challenges in a family-owned agency.
  • Books on digital transformation in advertising.
  • Platforms for tracking advertising trends.
  • Tools for managing a family-owned agency.

Jamie Michelson

CEO of SMZ Advertising

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Jamie Michelson is the CEO of SMZ Advertising, a third-generation family-owned agency. With decades of experience, he offers invaluable insights into how digital transformation is reshaping the advertising landscape.

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